Week 12 Reflection

I don’t know why but this week was hard. I could not wrap my head around the bargaining assignment. It does not make sense to me. I hope that as I devote more time to it that it will make more sense or that I can forget about it and not allow it to affect my further learning. I think it is appropriate that we did this assignment with conflict because it is easy to get frustrated when you do not understand the purpose of an assignment. I feel like there were certain people in my group that gave up because it was easier that way. It is easy to use words through an online medium to strike out and be direct. I hope that I will continue to push through and allow my feelings to not interfere with my ability to work with and work under the direction of others. 

Week 11 Reflection

This week was interesting. I feel like I really struggled with the idea of thinking what master’s program would be beneficial for UVU to have and then trying to recreate or redesign the bsn program. It was also interesting to do the strategic planning assignment. That was a challenge. I was lucky to have my group. I hope to be strategically minded. In the beginning I was having a hard time recognizing the purpose of this assignment but I opened my eyes and devoted more time to learning. 

Week 10 Reflection and Budgeting Interview

I really enjoyed watching the video for this week’s assignment. It was good to see how others in my group related so much to my take on change. I definitely need to get better with change but I have certainly come a long way since I was younger. I am really looking forward to becoming more flexible and adapting better to change. I really want to get good at my job so that change is easier to make. 

Budgeting Interview

This week I spoke to my aunt who works for a company out of Washington, D.C. She recently stepped into a financing world. She consistently works on budgets for specific projects throughout the company. She doesn’t necessarily work with layoffs for the company so she couldn’t really speak to that aspect of the interview but she still had some great information to share. Something I love about my aunt is that despite only doing one semester of college she has worked her way up in the business community. She worked for a major corporation in Northern Virginia for many years writing grant proposals and now she is a CFO for a small company but has helped it to double in size she joined the team. She is an inspiration to me. She had to learn fast and she had to work hard. She has made great strides to accomplish great things. 

Week 9 Reflection

This week it was good to think about my career aspirations. I feel like they have slightly changed since I started my job three weeks ago. I have enjoyed learning and developing new skills and I am looking forward to taking what I have learned in school and applying it to the job. I feel like these principles also apply to the scheduling aspect of this week’s assignment. I am still pretty new to the floor and because of that I don’t know very much. I am looking forward to learning more and gaining more experience. For what I can tell so far, I think I am going to like how my floor will do scheduling. It was good to read my articles of study this week

I look forward to remaining flexible in my job and learning new skills. I want to be the best nurse that I can be. I want to make a difference in the lives of my patients as they make a difference in mine. 

Week 8 Reflection

This week has been a good week. It was good to watch the videos on the future of nursing. It was interesting to hear her perspective. The goals seemed to be attainable to me. I think that if nurses were given the incentive to obtain further education and given the ability to practice to their full potential.  As a new nurse who just started my bachelors degree, I want to keep furthering my education. I am still unsure where I want to end up in my nursing career and I am grateful that I still have time to be able to decide. Nursing is always changing and as we are flexible and make changes I think positive things will happen. I hope that I will continue to be flexible. I hope to further my education and practice to my full potential. 

Week 7 Reflection and Firing-Discipline Interview

This week has been a good week. It was eye opening to learn about budgets. They are something that I have always struggled with even in my personal life. Once during a clinical I had a nurse who was very aware of how much things cost during a hospital stay and it was interesting to learn from him how he tried to make a difference. Some of the things I really liked and felt like I could actually make a difference. Often it is easy to waste in the healthcare setting and obviously there are times when waste is unavoidable but there are steps you can take to be more efficient in your care. I believe nurses can increase their efficiency and make a big difference in medical costs. 

Firing-Discipline Interview

This week I talked to the HR manager, Victoria, at my old job. I recently put in my two weeks notice so it was good to be able to have a chat with her about how things worked for her. She said in the beginning when she first got into HR that discipling and firing was really tricky for her. She felt unsure of herself. She said that sometimes she would practice in the mirror what she would say. It took her about 6 months to feel confident with her communication skills with firing and disciplining. She also felt like most people who she dealt with knew that discipline was coming and so that it wasn’t as scary. Generally she would discipline that consisted of a write up on her own but would never fire someone without someone there. Usually that was a store manager, another HR representative, or a customer service manager. Generally the rule for the store is to give three write ups before termination was considered unless there were extenuating circumstances that required immediate termination.  

Week 6 Reflection and Performance Appraisal Interview

This week has flown by and I felt like I have been a little distracted. I start my first nursing job next week and I have spent time preparing for this next adventure in my life. I have enjoyed the activities we have done. It was good to rewatch My Sister’s Keeper. I had forgotten about that movie and hadn’t seen it since deciding to go into nursing. It definitely held a different significance in my life this time around, especially since my job is in pediatrics. It reminded me of the importance of being a patient advocate and always being aware of my patients and the pressure that might be on them and their families. I want to remember this significance and I hope to be a better nurse because of this awareness. I want to be aware of ethical dilemmas in the medical field and consistently work to have an opinion. 

Performance Appraisal Interview

This week I interviewed my boss at Smiths. He is in charge of over 90 employees and works with performance appraisals frequently. Before the appraisal we have to fill out a self evaluation form. It is a 12 question evaluation sheet that everyone fills out. It was good to hear that he doesn’t place a lot of significance on these surveys. He would much rather have a conversation and instead of waiting for a problem to occur he seeks to teach and prevent problems from occurring. He also finds it easy to approach his employees and doesn’t really get worked up during performance appraisals. He did mention that if there is a disgruntled employee that he will involve an HR rep and generally one or two more assistant store managers. Jon mentioned that in the beginning appraisals made him nervous but he feels like he is an approachable guy and that with time he started to feel more comfortable in the situations of discipline and praise. 

Week 5 Reflection

This week I enjoyed learning about performance appraisals. I enjoyed collaborating with my team and getting their feedback. It was interesting to see how the other people in my group were able to think of things that I did not even consider and how I had thoughts they they didn’t think about. It goes to show how important it is to have a written out performance appraisal because different people might assess others differently. 

I also enjoyed hearing everyone’s take on who the greatest leader of all time is. One member of my group, Polly, had some very eloquent thoughts on what qualifies someone as a leader and that even something as personal as choosing the greatest leader of all time is something so subjective. My mother might be the greatest leader in my life but she doesn’t have a large influence but that does not negate her as the greatest in my life. 

This week has definitely helped me to put on my thinking cap and it is something that I can continually ponder on as I go throughout life and its something that you should to. Be a leader in all things and seek to influence those around you for good. Make change. Seek to improve. Ask for help. Make a difference.

Reflection Week 4 and Hiring Interview Write-Up


This week was an interesting week. I enjoyed talking to an old friend about her job and getting another person’s perspective. I am glad we prepared the questions ahead of time and knew what to ask. 

This week’s team activities were a little much for me. I am not sure what the purpose of writing the 12-15 page paper was other than to have a busy work assignment but I also understand that is a difficult aspect of online learning. I felt like writing 2-3 outlines per person would have been more beneficial because writing about a game or team building activity involves a lot of fluff in order to fulfill the page requirements for this assignment. However, I do like my team and I felt like our collaborations were useful. 

I will utilize what I learned this week in my practice by always trying to be a leader and a follower. I will work to support my coworkers and be an effective member of the team. 

Hiring Interview

I had the opportunity to interview Anna Leavitt. She is the Director of a local community action agency (Community Action Partnership of Staunton, Augusta and Waynesboro) where I grew up in Virginia. They provide grant funding to anti-poverty services in the region.  The money is a combination of federal, state and local dollars and is awarded through a competitive grant review process.  They also operate a free tax preparation service and the Greater Augusta Wellness Partnership.  She currently has one employee and works with more seasonal tax folks when the time comes.

For the most part I anticipated the answers that Anna shared with me to our questions. She was thorough in her answers and I felt like I learned quite a bit from her and will utilize the information in future opportunities. She emphasized the importance of having the appropriate skill set and working hard to achieve your goal or task list. She stated that she is a “do you job and I won’t bug you” kinda boss and said that she appreciates when colleagues are able to fulfill there responsibilities. She also stated that she is always willing to be a support and help when needed. 

Reflection Week 3

This week has been somewhat of a crazy week for me. I had a lot going on in my personal life and it helped me to recognize the importance of balancing your responsibilities and performing your tasks on time or ahead of schedule. 

I enjoyed brainstorming questions that you would ask someone who works in hiring. It is beneficial to look at it from their point of view because you are able to put yourself in their shoes and try to accomplish the things that they may find necessary in an interview. I recently interviewed for a position and got the job and I think that it would have been beneficial to do this assignment before that because I could have been better prepared and looked at the interview from their perspective. 

I also enjoyed reading several articles this week on healthcare. The article I focused on this week spoke about reforming the system in how we pay for addiction recovery. In recent years and in the past it has not focused on the recovery of the addict especially when talking about the long term. This article talks of a plan that will begin in 2019 that will help further the process of addiction recovery and the funds required to back a person’s recovery. I believe that as we start to look at things from the desire to always be in rehabilitation and providing for the needs of the individual that the care we provide will be increased and that we will have more success in our ability to promote healthy and consistent lifestyles for individuals who struggle with addiction.